Welcome!  We are pleased you have come to explore your interest in cosmetic surgery with us at the Cosmetic Surgery Center.  Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the finest of service.  We are here to help you and will do everything we can to allow your surgical experience to be as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

You can be assured that we recognize you have many options in choosing a facility and surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.  The confidence with which you have entrusted us is much appreciated and taken most seriously.

Our website contains important information which you should find helpful in preparing for your cosmetic surgery.  Please read the material carefully, perhaps jotting down questions or comments as you go, which may later prove handy during your consultation.

Comfort and Saftey Is Our Top Priority!

If you do not understand what is being discussed during your consultation, please tell the doctor or staff member.  It may take more than one approach to allow you to grasp a certain concept regarding your surgery, so please let us know if you need additional time.

Be sure you are comfortable with the procedure or procedures which have been recommendend to you.  If you require time to think about your particular situation or discuss it with family or friends, please feel free to do so.  We want you to fully understand all the choices available to you in deciding upon a surgery which fits your needs.

There is available for you a complimentary consultation.  The complimentary session serves as an overview of the procedure or procedures you are interested in.  Patients who elect to have surgery with us are asked to undergo a full consultation.  This allows you to have the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding your surgery and anesthesia.

Basic information regarding the various cosmetic procedures performed in our facility can be found within this website.  Thank you again for your interest!

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